Epson Stylus Photo R290

is a piece of crap.

I spent this morning trying to print.  Not a photographic print, not even an color print, just a letter. I’ve given up trying to get any quality out of these small, quickly outdated pieces of plastic, but thought this wouldn’t be TOO tough a job for epson.  A simple black and white letter.  Only requires one color ink, from one little jet.  Apparently that’s too tough for the Epson R290.  First of all, there’s a glitch in the Epson Print Utility that won’t allow the ink levels to be updated on the status monitor when there is a job in the queue (perhaps the only time anyone think to look at their print cartridge levels.), Secondly, I know I just put new cartridges in a couple weeks ago, made five 4×6 prints and then let it collect dust.  Arrggh, I think I’m going to go online and buy a Canon.  Their camera’s are better than epson’s so why did I insist on buying an Epson printer?


I’m off now to use jo’s $80 piece of crap HP.  Letter is printed.  I guess you can’t argue with results!  HP:1 Epson: 0

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