Multimedia. . . phew

My Iphone crashed.  It stank, I was trying to update the system, and it just didn’t want to go on.  It had all the recordings of names and soundbites from WA.  I was bummed.
Thanks, though to David Pirie, and old school friend of mine, I was able to somewhat hesitantly work through it all and get the audio and notes back.  It’s funny that on top of my CF cards I’d want to risk losing more information with audio.

I’m hoping it’ll be worth it.  I put together a little multimedia interview with a couple I interviewed about their gold. I think I mentioned them in the previous post.  It’s uploading to youtube as we speak and I’ll link to it as soon as it’s ready.

Until then, here’s a shot of Tim and Emma’s house in Carnarvon.  After we came home drunk one night.  I think you can make out Tim sitting on the front veranda with his legs up.  It’s just that type of town.


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