Horizon Power

The team at Horizon Power were nice enough to give me a tour of the Carnarvon power plant.

Everyone I spoke to seemed to think I was crazy for wanting to see it, but a town of 7000 people that’s that isolated and needs a power plant seemed kind of interesting to me. The plant runs on both diesel and natural gas with 80% of power output coming from diesel.  Greg, the guy who showed me around was an electrician, and unfortunately I was informed that I couldn’t photograph anyone’s face.  Which kind of defeated the purpose for me, I thought it might generate some interesting images.  Luckily Greg was also at the race, in bright red shorts and thongs, as promised.  His wife Cathy was a Clerk of Course, not to be confused with the Clerk, of course as I’d initially understood her title to be.

Here are two ends of the very loud Natural Gas engines.  It was interesting that no flash was allowed.  There are UV sensors that shut the gas off immediately when there’s a spike in UV radiation.  Apparently the sensors aren’t as quick as the gas would be if there were a leak and I’d strobed it up.



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