Godbye Kerb Coffee *sniff*

Over the past few months we’ve seen more and more vacancies amongst the local retailers.  Our end of Oxford street has become populated with For Lease signs and there are fewer new shops opening up in the area.  The local realtors and landlords seem to be ignoring the fact that nobody can afford the exorbitant rents being charged in our area.

After months of watching this cycle of rents being raised, tenants moving out, new tenants moving in, rents being raised, tenants moving out, and so on we’ve finally lost one of the businesses the community loved and relied on.

Goodbye Greg, you’ll be missed, as will the best coffee in the Eastern Suburbs.




my last coffee from Kerb

My last Kerb Coffee.

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  1. Henrik

    OH NO!!! This is tragic! I ate and drank there, and chatted happily with Greg! So sad. What is he going to do now, do you know?

    Miss you and Jo! Big hugs and lots of love.

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