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We spent the weekend in Canberra.  I took the old S50 just to see how shabby the RAW files are in comparison to the new gear.  Had a great time with it.  As Ryan Baldwin always said “There’s no point buying a camera that’s so big you never want to take it anywhere.”  The S50 made for a nice tourist memory maker.

First stop was the National Portrait Gallery and their Vanity Fair Portraits exhibit.  Good work from Steichen, Stieglitz, Horst P. Horst. . . Annie Liebowitz was up to her usual corporate hackery with a few notable excetions.  Turns out when she first signed as VF’s Chief Photographer she shot some intimate and personal portraits, not just the productions she’s now known for.

Next  was the Old Parliament House.  Which was also the former National Portrait Gallery.  It is the current Australian Museum of Democracy.  The building just oozes 70’s and 80’s style.  The offices were fantastic as they were furnished as they were the day the Hawke government moved into the New Parliament house.  Although, probably a lot less cluttered than they were when in use.  Below is a little gallery from the offices of PM Hawke et al:

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